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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Good Ways for Kids to Earn Money Fast in the Summer or on the Weekends

It’s summer now and many older kids will be hoping to spend more time on having fun than doing any kind of academic work. Even the kids that have to spend a few weeks in summer school are looking forward to the end of those few weeks.

Summer fun costs money however, and some kids may have gotten summer jobs, to have extra money to spend and save, apart from that given by parents and relatives.

Kids have many skills that they can use to generate cash.

Kids Can Make Money Too: Over 200 Ways to Make Money and How to Make it Grow

Baby Sitting
If your child is responsible enough, he or she may be able to babysit for people in the neighborhood.

Make Sweets
If your child is good at baking, he or she could make a tidy profit baking brownies, making peanut cake, etc and selling them in their neighborhood. Some adults may be willing to assist by carrying some of the product to their workplace and distributing them from there.

Car Washing
Kids may find more opportunities for car washing in the summer. Summer fun is not limited to kids and many adults plan vacations during the summer.

As older people take long trips to the country, or plan on taking trips out of town, having the mode of transportation look spic and span may be higher on their list of priorities.

Young adults wanting to impress their friends will spend more money on keeping their car in tip top shape.

Kids can earn extra money in the summer by trimming hedges, mowing lawns, removing weeds from gardens and even assisting in planting a garden. Kids can even get ongoing business this way.
Some people would like to plant herbs and vegetables but don’t have the time to prepare a raised bed for the plants, or keep weeds under control. Kids can offer this service if they have a green thumb.

Start an Online Business
If your child is tech savvy, and an entrepreneur at heart, they may be able to start a business online. Crisp Thinking, a software business that protects children from pedophiles online, was started by a teen, Adam Hildreth. Adam now has a net worth of almost 4 million dollars.

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