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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oreana Winery: Manatee Merlot

Oreana Winery has designed two wines that are named after the Florida Manatee. The wines are the Manatee Merlot and the Manatee Chardonnay. Both wines have special labels that are designed by Sherry Vinston. The labels have information that will help to educate the public about manatees.

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Winemaker and owner of the company, Christian Garvin, made the announcement in November. The wines will be available in restaurants and stores by December.
Ten percent of the profit earned from sales of the wine will go to the Save the Manatee Club. The club partners with other organizations such as the South Florida Museum. Information about the club will be available on the labels of the wine bottles.

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The vintner made the decision to design the wines named after the manatees because of a lifelong love for the endangered mammals. When asked what animal he would like to be if he had the chance, Christian Garvin chose the manatee, adding that he would like to be a smart one that wasn’t hit by boats.

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Many manatees are killed by boats, particularly high-speed boats. They move slowly and are very docile creatures. This endangered species is the focus of campaigns funded by private groups in quite a few countries.
Manatee Cherlot will be distributed by Tree of Life in Florida. The wine will cost less than $12. 
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